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The story begins when Savannah was a young witchling. She wanted to become the strongest witch in the universe. However, when the librarian told her that only the most honest and the strongest witches who changed the entire universe could have that power, she got mad and tried to track the power owner.


She found Sandra and Ali's mother. She killed the kids' mothers when they were 5 and 2 respectively.  That's where Joanne got involved. Joanne was a mom with 1 kid (Alara)  at the time. She decided to adopt them after accidentally coming across them during a festival.


When Alara was 6, Joanne got worried when she got bullied in preschool and her teacher suggested that she might be autistic. Joanne hopped into the car and brought Alara to a psychologist. Joanne learned that she was autistic. So, the kids started school and that's where Alex came into the play. He kept bullying the kids because of their insecurities. Jacob decided to talk to the principal but they ended up getting kicked out.

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