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Sunshine Meelers:

Age: 13

Appearance: Blonde hair, Green eyes, pink hair tie (except ep 2 and 3)

As a fairy: Green wings and shoes, baby green dress, orange gloves, pink and plum hair bow

She is a side character of LAAIM. Although where she got her powers so early is unknown she still attacks pretty hard.

She is mostly calm although she doesn't let Savannah near the others.

Hobbies- Music making, talking and playing tag uwu

She also acts mature sometimes and tends to speak like one.

She loves making music. Did you know that she has 10 synthesizers? It was mentioned in the end of episode 14

She went through a divorce when she was 9, thus making her live with her mum. She also has a younger brother but he lives with dad due to the kids different needs.

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