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Savannah is a 20-year-old who is the main enemy of the show

Appearance: Gray skin, dark red horns, Grayish green hair, dark green pants, baby green shoes, red sweatshirt uwu

She first appeared on the episode: The boss (part 2)


When Sandra was 5, she got into a fight with Sandra's birth mother

and killed her during the fight. Poor Sandra has to live with that trauma forever...

She is working with Triss, a lazy gym assistant who doesn't care at all.

Occasionally, she gets yeeted by Sandra if things get too much TwT

She sometimes disguises herself only to find out that the 3 girls learn her disguise sooner or later. On episode 12,she disguised herself as a Karen and kidnapped everyone in the end of the episode. In episode 13, Derek tells them that it was her in disguise

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