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Sandra Anderson


Age: 16        Birthday: June 24, 2005

First Appearance: The beginning (15 years old)


Gender: Girl


Light yellow hair, Yellow skin, Green eyes,

Pink or Green outfits,

Red bow on top

(as a fairy/Nightgrace):

A side ponytail, white dress with light purple stripe owo, blue and golden yellow wings 

About the character:

Sandra is a 16-year-old teen with a ton of emotions (especially anger)

She tends to get aggressive over the smallest thing (especially when something happens to her siblings; Alara and Alistair.

She likes it when she's around her siblings and throwing Savannah far far away


She doesn't like it when plans don't go as she expected and Jacob (the dad) being ignorant

She turned 16 in the episode: Sandra's Chirpy Party!


Sandra was born in a castle to unknown parents. However, she lost her mom during a fight when she was 5 (Alistair was 2). She saw the fight and ever since, she overreacts and wants to get revenge on Savannah (who killed her birth-mom). She was adopted by Joanne when she was 6. She sometimes feels out of place because of that.

She is the first one to earn her Nightgrace


(on episode 11 after using all her powers to save the earthling and protecting Alara)

In episode 15, Sandra gets more and more aggressive as her mom's death anniversary approaches

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