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hi everyone! today was a fun day!

so,i went to a lot of places today!

first,it was a trip to university fairs! and ngl, it was cool asking questions about

the universities and their departments (idk if that's what they're called lol)

and then, i got to walk around with my friends,which was a strange yet exciting feeling as it's been a long time since i did that!

and then, after we walked around, i went home and it was so cool to come back home, especially since i knew nobody would be home by then. and then, as i laid down and watched youtube on tv, it felt so good. then i fell asleep for what i assume to be half an hour before i woke up to my phone ringing (normally, i have it on silent but today was an important day,so i had to have the sound on)

and then, time passed and i got ready to go to the post office to get my gov. site password (its a thing in turkey where if ur 18, u have to go to the post office to get ur first gov. website password,you need to change it after you use the temporary password immediately)

then, i went to the house my parents have been thinking for a while. basically, we have to move out immediately because the landlord sucks and the apartment has terrible infastructure issues. and because of that, we had to look for a house sooner than i expected.

i'm glad i went to that house because it is so cool! although things are not finalized yet, i'm ceartin we will move out soon because the infastructure is so bad that it is unlivable.

but hey, at least i got to walk a bit! too bad my school backpack is at the end of its life! worn out, has a hole and just overall flimsy...

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