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SPOILERS AHEAD! Please watch the original episodes first!!!


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Episode 1- The beginning

This episode is about Sandra and Alara chilling at a cafe, but Alara suddenly wants to go home. At home, Sandra gets bored and sighs. A few minutes later,
Alara calls her to their room bc there is a portal randomly spawned.

Episode 2- The Boss (part 1)

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After seeing the portal, Alara and Sandra go inside to the pirate's island. When they go, it seems peaceful until one of the boss's minions (aka Savannah) comes and tries to attack. Sandra transforms and battles the boss. Alara also fights with very little magic and ends up exhausted

Screenshot (2152).png

Episode 3- The Boss- P2

Alara transforms for the first time however Savannah hates the news and accuses the minion of being weak. Alara and Sandra come to her castle, much to her disapproval. Alara insults her but Sandra shuts her mouth. After a while, Sunshine also comes, and the 3 attack Savannah, leading to a victory.

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Episode 4- The Powers of the baby

Alistair wants to show his powers but accidentally turns Alara into a baby. Sandra and Ali try to find a potion, she ends up discovering that Alex was the one who taught him. An elf approaches them and makes the potion for them. Alara goes back to normal

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Episode 5- The return of Savannah (P-1)

Alara hates the background noise in the car, Joanne goes to Derek's tech store only to find out that Savannah broke in and ruins the day. The girls transform and fight Savannah. Savannah ends up in the news.

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Episode 6- The return of Savannah (P-2)

When everyone thought the fight was over, Savannah escapes and goes to an unknown castle. Sunshine makes a plan but Alara fights Savannah herself. Sandra and Sunshine break in and save Alara.

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Episode 7- Sometimes, you have to wait!

Morning! Aaaand, Sandra gets sick! She has to go to the hospital but Alara feels upset to see her go away and 
the others entertain her and teach her how to wait patiently. The gang then meet with Alexander and Thalia :)

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Episode 8- The wait is over, Alara!

Wooho! The kids are playing in the playground buut,a siren upsets both Alexie and Alara, and Savannah ruins the already ruined fun! But hey, Sandra is back home at least!

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Episode 9- The fairy school!

It's almooost time to go back to school,so Joanne and the kids discuss about the fairy school.

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