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Alara Anderson:


Age: 15      Birthday: September 24, 2005


Gender: Girl     


Appearance:   Brown hair and eyes, blue sweater,gray pants,

eyes that dilate due to intense emotion

(As a fairy/Nightgrace):

Two ponytails, pink and blue wings, blue gloves

yellow dress with pink butterfly-shaped bow

(Can be seen on the gallery)

Special interests:

A certain 17 year old show and drawing

Alara is a 15 year old autistic teen. She first appeared on the episode "The beginning" 

About the character:

She is a 15 year old teen. She is the middle child in the Anderson's (Sandra is 3 monts older than Alara). She really likes the "Le fay club" (an easter egg reference), listening to music and drawing.

However,she doesn't like loud noises, when someone interrupts (or attempts to) her when she's stimming*, chores, and being bullied for being autistic, tomatoes and olives (they can cause her to puke,seen on ep 12)

*stimming comes with different varieties of self-regulatory behaviors. Some stims are rocking, flapping hands, spinning, playing with objects, playing with hair, etc. There are reasons why autistic people stim. Such as; stimulating themselves, reducing stress, and adding sensory input. Alara stims when she's excited. She rocks when she listens to music or watches her favorite show.

Stimming is enjoyable and don't you dare to stop us from doing it! You might see a mad Alara if you dare to.

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