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Alara Kanat (aka Artist Alara)

Hi! I'm the animator herself. I will introduce myself here!

So, I'm Alara and I'm a 16 year old who loves to draw and animate. I also have poor vision, hence the glasses on self portraits/drawings. And I'm from Turkey, so yea :) Pls don't judge me for my spelling errors, I already get upset about it.

Why I made the show?

The reason I made the show is that in my country, there was poor representation of autistic people. I decided to fill that myself. I am autistic myself and I remember seeing no character like me on tv (especially when I became older, I noticed it more.) And besides, this idea has been stuck inside my head for years and I didn't want to waste anymore time.

The show's production

I wanted to make the series in 2019 however I didn't know anything about animation. So, I scrapped it.

And in 2020, I began to make the series in Vyond/Goanimate. However, It was too expensive (49$= 477.27₺). SO, I began to learn about animation from scratch. And yes, I made the 1st episode a minute because, at the time, I didn't have any skills to make it longer. I began the production around October/November 2020 and released the 1st episode on the 3rd of November,2020.

It was supposed to be a comic series and was actually named, Because of you, Alex! Because this show was supposed to be a troublemaker named Alex. He appeared in episode 2 but disappeared.

And it was supposed to be in Turkish (aka my language). But I made it in English because I thought it would flop hard and it's hard to make a show like this in my country (especially getting it big and popular)

So yea, I have a lot of unused ideas but in the end, I LOVE the show the way it is.

Gallery :D

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